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From One Frugal Minded Investor to Another

Buy cheap, Create wealth , Have fun.

For the Frugal Minded Investor

Our goal is to help you find a piece of land that will match your lifestyle and is both affordable and suited for your needs.

Living in a city environment then experiencing country lifestyle with horses, hiking, camping, and many more. I started getting interested in rural properties. I recognized the opportunities with vacant land and wanted to share those pieces with a frugal investor such as yourself. My goal is to help as many individuals as possible with their dream of becoming landowner by offering affordable land for sale in the US. I want to change. I started investing in local rural properties. My goal is to help as many individuals as possible with their dream of becoming landowners by offering affordable land for sale in the US.

Imagine yourself as a landowner, free to do more of the things you love. Frugal Land Investing is on a mission to make that happen for you.

Build a Dream Home to Reside

Why Us

Find Your Frugal Dream Land, Helping You Get the Land You Want & Need For the Best Price.

Find the perfect lot for you with Frugal Land Investing. Currently, we offer prime vacant acres of land in Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Arizona with more locations and property options coming soon. Become a landowner today with our simple acquisition process and close on your property with the cash discount price. If not, choose our easy owner financing with 0% interest, no fees, and no credit checks. This is a great opportunity to invest in vacant land at incredible prices.

vacant land with owner finance with Frugal land investing

If you’d like to verify restrictions on properties and verify we are the actual owners of all of our properties, we encourage you to contact the county where the property you’re interested in is located. We own 100% of the lots we sell, we don’t have real estate brokers or agents to deal with, this is why we’re able to sell beautiful vacant land at such low prices. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. You can call me or use the chat function of the site. I will be happy to assist you and answer all questions you may have.

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